The Dark Side of the Music Business
Music is a source of entertainment, creative expression, and emotional and spiritual escape for listeners throughout history. Although music brings so much happiness and joy to the public, there is a darker toll that this industry takes specifically on it’s artists and creators.  Artists and creators trapped in this cycle have either been brought to psychological or legal demise, spoken out about the mistreatment, or boycotted the industry all together. Educate yourself on the inner workings of the very industry that brings us all so much joy, emotional relief, and happy memories.
NOTE: all numerical code in this publication are lyrics to songs related to commentary on the corruption in the music business. These lyrics have been translated to ASCII code, abbreviated from ‘American Standard Code for Information Interchange, which is a character encoding system for electronic communication and is commonly used in computers for modern music production.
According to psychologists, music is one of the most commonly used forms of pleasurable escapism, providing listeners with dopamine releases and accesses the same pleasure centers in our brains as food, sex, and drugs.  The truth is that many of us do not know the darker side to the business that brings us so much joy. Artists come into fame young and vulnerable, blinded by the exciting prospect of being the world’s next rock star. They sign away their freedom to record label monopolies that profit exponentially, and are left with virtually nothing. Explore the evil ins and outs of the music industry in this comprehensive exposé that will serve as your insider guide to the greatest hits and biggest stars of music history, and what they had to endure to get famous.
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